Mopar® CAP Bracket Challenge Wraps Up Round 3

Four colleges participated in round 3 of the first-ever Mopar® CAP Bracket Challenge last week. This round, sponsored by Ram and Mopar, had the students faceoff in a hands-on challenge at a nearby Chrysler Stellantis Technical Training Center. Students were asked to perform a repair and to write up the repair order under the supervision of a Training Center representative. The top-performing schools will receive a Mopar tool cabinet for their classroom and Ram lanyards will be given to all round participants courtesy of the sponsors.

While each student had impressive results, only two schools will continue to the fourth and final round that will take place in Auburn Hills, Michigan, next week. Congratulations to SUNY Morrisville and Waubonsee!

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Mopar Car Bracket Challenge Round 4 Bracket