Hagerty Gets Schooled on Driving

Hagerty recently attended a two-day High Performance Driving course at Radford Racing School in Chandler, Arizona. They were quickly impressed with the professional instruction the school prides themselves on. The course they attended covered various aspects, including car control, vehicle dynamics, accident avoidance and track driving fundamentals, but they also received classroom instruction. The classroom sessions focused on weight management and looking ahead while driving. Practical exercises included braking drills, avoidance maneuvers and drifting practice. Day two involved applying learned skills on the raceway, learning cornering techniques and participating in lead-follow exercises.

The course culminated in a slalom exercise where students applied their skills in timed runs. Hagerty learned valuable lessons and recommends the experience for all drivers, regardless of their level of experience. They proudly display their “High Performance Driving Graduate” sticker on their car as a reminder of the enjoyable and informative experience.

Photo credit: Bair Bunting | Hagerty.com

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