Dodge Durango SRT® Hellcat Coats Competition in Dust

No matter which gas-only powered SUV you pit against it, the Dodge Durango SRT® Hellcat is unbeatable off the line and all the way to the finish. That may sound like a bold claim, but it’s true! Here’s the proof.

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We all know at certain passing power speeds the 8 speed is a letdown/at certain speeds as they race them at the wrong gear etc…many roll races and Hellcats lose then gain when they keep going/as they cant roll race becaus eit wont be in the powerband…I know my Challenger Hellcat you gotta know your limitations and passing speeds to race at! Its like my 3 speed automatic it has limitations at certain speeds,in my 440 Charger RT or Cuda (451 stroker) if you floor it past 30 mph in drive it wont kick down into 1st so you dont get the rush of full low end big block torque and butt kicking 1st gear,usually it goes from 0-50 mph when it finishes shifting(chirps) you’re past 60 mph!

FYI:Charger RT is a 68 with a built 440(535ci) runs low 10’s in street trim,car looks dead stock! Cuda has a miler 1978 400 big block thats now a 451(440 crank) built in 1999 that runs solid high 11’s in a **1971 Cuda(was a 1972 Barracuda slant 6) now exact copy of a 71,gills,383 billboards,go wing,rallye wheels…I do bodywork so they look mint! Both cars are 3.23 geared rides as I drive 95 mph on the highway almost daily,and yes they both are track proven!! My mechanic is a beast! Heck,my 1968 Chrysler 300 runs 12.19 in the 1/4 dead stock looking car 15" magnum 500’s,slick black/maroon interior,electric everything! 440 not a stroker bored .30 over Car doesnt have headers and could easily be tuned to be an 11 second killer,headers,cam,headwork its a mild set up in it now!