Performance made us do it

The 2021 Dodge Electric Vehicle Summit is packed with exciting news about the future of performance.

The Dodge Brand all but defines Pure American Muscle, and was born to push boundaries. Every ounce of technology that is integrated into the brand will be done to amplify the elements that define not just Dodge, but the muscle car itself. Through intelligent evolution, we expect to thrive and define the future of American muscle — to tear up the streets, not the planet.

Why on God’s Green Earth would Dodge ever build an electric car?

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Not impressed!

I dont care how quick an electric car is it does nothing for me! I am a lifetime Mopar owner and collector…Electric does nothing for me! HEMI V8’s or you should just fold up and become Citroen for all I care!

Government is pushing for electric cars and people will not own one or have the money to charge them…

Road Taxes,price per mile will be added and the real Government reason for electric cars is to limit the peoples freedom and drive allotment! You wont drive in the future,thats the governments plan…

Doesnt matter how quick it is,the Government will control your speeds,you wont go past the speed limit and 0-60 in 30 seconds as per government settings(no 0-60 in 2 seconds they wont allow it and your car wont do it)…

Government has control of all electric cars they can brick you at any moment,meaning stop your car,leaving you stranded!


Will the next generation Challenger and Chaeger be stylistically the same, will they have a hybrid power train? Also, we are told there will be an all electric muscle car, will that be the Barracuda?