Dodge Opens Search Across the United States for the Greatest Automotive Job in the World — “Chief Donut Maker”

Never content to do the conventional, Dodge has created the first-of-its-kind position of Chief Donut Maker, a side hustle that will have heads spinning. When Dodge says donuts, think celebratory car maneuvers, not glazed crullers. And what’s not to celebrate? The Chief Donut Maker will be a Dodge ambassador, decked out in Dodge threads, driving a Dodge SRT® Hellcat, rubbing shoulders with celebs at epic auto events, leveling up at Radford Racing School, while making a mouthwatering $150,000 paycheck – and they don’t even have to quit their day job.

“The Dodge Brothers were never content to follow the trends, they were the seekers of a better, faster, more outrageous way of doing things,” said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis. “We’re looking to hire someone just like them as our Chief Donut Maker, someone who will embody their crazy can-do America Muscle spirit and carry the torch of the single most engaged group of enthusiasts the automotive industry has to offer. And what better way to find them than creating this once in a lifetime opportunity that gives you the opportunity to drive the #1 Muscle Car in America.”

Winning the sweetest gig ever will be a kickass event in itself. It starts with applicants submitting a short video showing why they’re best suited for the role: demonstrating passion, charisma, and creativity. Then things get really interesting. Dodge has enlisted champion wrestler Bill Goldberg to oversee a competition between the top ten finalists that will put their talents to the test. Contestants will be thrown into wild, hot seat scenarios, including racing a Dodge horsepower heavyweight (with a professional driver on a closed track). This series of eliminations will then be aired like a reality TV show with the final episode revealing Dodge’s new Chief Donut Maker this Spring. Dodge will be taking applications on January 20, 2022 with a deadline of February 28, 2022.  Applicants will need to show, in a short video (maximum length of two minutes), that they embody the spirit of the founding Dodge Brothers. Aspiring donut-makers can go to to apply and to view all the rules and regulations.

The Dodge Challenger closed 2021 as the #1 Muscle Car in total sales in the U.S. giving the brand its first-ever crown in the segment. Wouldn’t you like to be the first-ever Chief Donut Maker for Dodge?



Although the deadlines for submission have passed, I’d like to give a shout-out to the moms waiting in the pick-up line at the elementary school, dreaming of doing donuts in the school parking lot as little Ricky’s mom jumps in line in front of them, flashing her eyelash extensions. Someday your Hellcat will come ladies, someday.


I’m in, looking forward to that finalist spot !!


Hi everyone. I would love to be the Doughnut Maker. I have been a mopar fanatic for my entire life. I have had numerous mopar over the years. Had a '76 3/4 ton power wagon with a 440. The thing could climb a tree. Had a '71 Plymouth Satalite w/440 and a slap stick. Can it compare to a Hell Cat? I have no idea but would love to find out. I have '60 Fury I’m building to a street rod. No comp cams or other offline stuff. I got a Mopar performance cam 280/280, '68 Chyrsler A813-9B 4 spd with factor Hurst and a dana matched to it. This stuff was to be for a '68 Road Runner, still has the cardboard band around the right axle tube. A '56 Imperial Southampton crown royal, '79 Lil Red Express, '79* D150, '80 Ramcharger, prospector model. I am not rich or well off, just a simple everyday working slob. I’m not flamboyant or outlandish. But just the Plymouth saying of the Rapid transit system, Plymouth makes it, yeah they did. I want to be the official Ambassador. They say you can keep your day job. I hope so because I have bills to pay. I could never afford a new Mopar so I have build my own. Best wishes and good luck to everyone.


As a Mexican American this is your perfect time to have a buy lingo spokes enthusiast that can deliver the Dodge philosophy in two languages.


This would be a great way to start my YouTube channel


With me we going to be on top of the Pyramid this is one out of million chance but this also a brand and life business I’m willing to Sacrifice it all To Make sure out Team Is On Top we Embrace the Dream


Taking a chance :cactus::racing_car::heart:


I missed submission by like 2 HOURS !!!


I got rims to match already and I can be an official Dodge brand athlete (Division 1 football) top 25 ranked team… chose me to find out where


I would like to join the staff and be a donut maker because not only do I love the products and the cars I can actual talk about the inner parts on how they work and what for. I want to be an example to other young ones that anything is possible if you put you mind into it and commit to the action on seeing it through. I believe our youth is the next generation to bring innovation and new creative ideas. I aspire to be an influencer because I was always taught to lead by example. And again I love the brand, the models or cars and all and we always want to be apart of the dodge culture.


I should be the first cheif donut maker I’ve have done so much different jobs in my life this would be a life changing job and also a experience for me. Also this hellcat would be my first actually car.


I drive hard peddle to the floor would love to represent the Dodge brand


I am very very interested in this position and i love dodge charger!




My dream beast…Dodge Durango HellCat! Coming soon to my driveway :sunglasses:


We had 71 dart with a 340


My first Dodge, but not my last 2018 Durango, love it! Wish it had the Helcat motor in it, (massive power)but still a great truck.


I have a RAM 2500 and live in Coatesville, PA. This opportunity sounds like the life changing kick in the ass I’ve needed since the Army hahahaaaa like sex on steel I’m hot and leave a lasting impression!


The thrills of owning or driving a Mopar Beast continues to flow in my veins since the purchase of my first Mopar. A used 66 383 Charger and then a 70 Challenger T/A, 70 Duster 340 Wedge 4spd and so on. The vehicles built today by Mopar are just a Beast waiting to promoted for the incredible machine they are. Perhaps have the tires smoked during some donuts. :grin:


i’ve been promoting dodge challenger sweepstakes sine 2009 on twitter


Who does not like donuts. I love them.


Mopar or no car


I wonder am I too old to be a Dodge donut Gearhead I don’t think so at this stage in my life 60 hell yeah I want to be a Dodge gear donut head Ultimate Muscle Car listening the engine Rev I’m pretty sure where I come from that I will wake the neighborhood hell yeah


Dodge is in my blood. I am all in.


Let’s Rock and Roll


Put me in coach! I am your donut-making guy.


Do any of these commenters realize than commenting is not how you enter this contest?


Haven’t owned a dodge before but I have driven a 2009 charger and a 2006 charger and it was the most fun I have had and I am a Chevy guy but would love to drive a dodge or even own one after my experience


I had a challenger some guy hit me at a light with my wife in the car and totaled it out haven’t been able to get another one since 2014


Facts same here


This would be a dream come true I guess we’ll wait and have to see but I’ll need new set of tires every months cause I’m the king of making donuts :doughnut::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:


Yes I am the new donut chief donut maker. I would absolutely love to take a hold of this opportunity to grow even more and show what I can really do. I would absolutely love to burn the tires off that car even if it’s costs me my last penny because money means nothing it’s about how you live your life. Life like your dying. Don’t live a life where you are scared to truly live. You only get one shot at this life so why not give it your best shot and do what makes you happy. Don’t work a job you hate… don’t hang out with people you don’t like… it’s your life no one can be a better you than YOU can. So make it unique. That’s where you make your happiest moments. The people around you mean everything the money you make means nothing.


My Pops drove Corronets, Imperials, Matadors, Belvederes, Darts and Valiants, and they ALL burned rubber! I just have a 65 Corronet, but, It burns rubber, too. I’m 66 but I’m not too old, love to meet Goldberg


I’m fabulous and 52 and I would like to show the world that I can do more than just bake cookies. It would be a thrill and an honor to represent Dodge and be a role model for other woman.


I submitted my video. Love the name JailBreak and specs for this new addition of Challengers and Chargers which now carry that name. I have a couple of JailBreak stories for ya.
I was in Desert Storm. I’m a disabled Marine Veteran. I found a bootleg copy of the AC/DC JAILBREAK live album next to a busted up Iraqi T-72 Tank while in the middle of our advance into Kuwait and the hell of WAR was happening around me. I was on the front lines of the 2nd Marine Divisions advance all the way to the outskirts of Kuwait City. I had Walkman cassette player on me and threw the tape in. Sound quality was terrible but I could hear Bon Scotts pipes ringing over the noise and chaos of war. It’s previous owner wasn’t so lucky. That tank had been hit by a TOW anti tank rocket fired from Marines in my unit shortly before I found the cassette case in the sand. Weapons Co. 1st Bn/8th Marine Regiment, 2nd MarDiv. “The Cutting Edge”
Story #2 I’m related to John and Clarance Anglin. Only 2 out of 3 of the most famous JailBreakers in History. They escaped Alcatraz prison outside San Francisco. Both John and Clarence along with Frank Morris escaped in June 1962 and the 3 were never seen again. Clint Eastwood was in a movie in 1979 about it where he played the part of Frank Morris. My Grandmother on my Dads side is a 1st cousin of John and Clarence. Her maiden name is Maudie Anglin and my family has had reunions with the Anglin family here in the middle of Kansas from time to time. True story
I’ve owned several Dodge, JEEP and Chrysler products over the years. I currently own a 2017 2500 4x4 X-Cab and I can burn the tires off any vehicle I’m put behind the wheel of if the power is there. I’m semi-retired now and disabled due to nearly 20 years of Government service. I spent a career fixing Submarines. Ihad to walk away due to disabilities. I was a senior welder and Chief of the Boilermakers. Local 920 for a time on the YARD, that I miss so much.
It would be my honor and privilege to represent and showcase DODGE products as their CHIEF DONUT MAKER. The paycheck would be Icing on the cake. Sure could use the money, Job and the Rep. How fun would that be. I hope I get to see. Please pick me. It would be Legendary.
I’m Maudies youngest grandchild. Jailbreaking runs in my bloodline. I could tell ya some stories. But I have a pretty clean record. I can say I’ve worked on Nuclear Submarines, Guarded Russian dignitaries, rode into Hell on a Ton of High Explosives listening to JailBreak and been close enough to kick a nuclear warhead. I was trained long ago how to drive and like I said. I can drive the wheels off any vehicle and smoke the tires, DONUTS ALL DAY BABY, if I have the power.
I’d love to give these kids a run for their Money and I’m 52. I have a story or 2.
I want in on this competition. I need a Job. This would be a Dream Come True. I got the skills. I just wanna show them off, LEGALLY
Here’s my challenge intro.
My name is Clayton “Lee” Spires Jr. I want to be given the chance to represent DODGE as their Chief Donut Maker.
I want my SHOT for the car and the story.


I am 66 years old and DODGE SPEED in my blood.


Hell Ya!


I might not know anything about cars but I Love to drive real fast.


Hey Dodge… Your Next !!


It would be an honor to exhibit my skill set thank you for the opportunity.


Looking forward to my new job :cowboy_hat_face:


This is a really cool idea




This is the only thing I will enroll for been that this is what is made like for me been a mechanic for a long time i have not fix any dog I fix Nissan Mazda Toyota but now dog hellcat I need to learn please let me get the job I am a mechanic I got to fix to live get that just not a money mechanic a fix 4 or 5 car mechanic a every day mechanic that need to fix to live sow please let me live with this beauty full hod thank you !!!


I see you have a Go Mango Hellcat ready to go! It is exactly the color I would have picked. I am ready to roll!


It would be my honor!




After retiring last August, to spend more time with my grandson who is battling stage four cancer this would be a great escape and opportunity to test my skills as I have been a Dodge lover for life. Most of my time has been spent off road in the ram started out with a 1500, went up to a 25 00 power wagon now I can tow anything including a house with my 3500. I have mad skills and driving I would cherish and opportunity to get behind the wheel of a hellcat and show you what I got. Goldberg spear is nothing compared to my med skills. I am ready and prepared for the challenge if you deem appropriate and could use some me time. I will be submitting my application video soon


This is a blessing :pray:


Finally something that’s right up my atmosphere, when I get in the seat of a Muscle Car I Crush anything creep like a Raat, slither like a Snake, or drive like a Wannabe because they all MOVE LIKE TURTLES.


I would kick Bill Goldburgs ass at a chance at a new Dodge and 150k!!!


Finally I will be living the dream




Awesome baby!!!


This is awesome


This would change my life


This would change my life

It is without deep regret that I will not be able to fulfill my current position as retired loafer. This oppertunity to become “Chief Donut Maker” is just what I and Dodge Performance Brands needs. My abilities to connect with virtually everbody, much like the “Mad Men” of the Dodge Performance Brands, is what is needed! I have a very specific skills that will become very apparent when chosen for the position of “Chief Donut Maker”. In closing, I would just like to ad, no others need apply!


You know how to get in touch.


Please let me win something. God made sure I wasn’t good at anything. It’s my only way out


Can i bring my rt scat pack wide body i would love this job


Brought my first dodge last year and I’ll never by another brand, I’m stuck for life, mopar or no car this is a high priced lifestyle that I truly love


I love everything thing that deals with muscle car I work at the greatest job in the world I help build stuff for the farmers and construction work and my company build stuff for the military


At 70 years old I finally found a job I would like for the rest of my life lol


How do i sign Up….i have A 2016 Dodge Charger sxt and looking to buy a Durango in a couple of weeks


Perfect opportunity to throw my life in the direction of automotives that’s forsure


Mopar or no car


I was raised by morpar nuts mom started with a 1968 300
69 300


Lots of snow and a Durango …would mind a hell cat Durango hmmm


If you ain’t first your last


One question because this was never stated in rules or regulations. During the free other than licensing tax and doc fees the one year lease. Is there a tire sponsor? Because I’m gonna need 50 on deck at all times at my shop!


I want this Job


It would be my dream to be able to drive ionic car and it would take it off my buck list and it would be amazing to be able to do burn outs all the time


This is a dream come true ! This would be immaculate with an astonishing car! The craftsmanship on these bad boys are one of a kind and I have always wanted to be blessed to be behind the wheel of one of these tanks.


I am a 36 year old from Alabama I am a given person very respectful always wanted a chance not a handout to accomplish something and complete a task all I’m asking for is a opportunity to show you guys that I can do the job I was born for this very motivated even when I don’t feel like doing anything the job got to get done and there is no one better for the job than me please give me this opportunity thanks for your time I just want to be a part of a family


I think I was put on this Earth to fill this position!


Bring it!!


The Real Baby Driver !!


:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: let do this


I want a hell car in black and neon green pin stripe


I’m in but your going need a boat load more tires!


I’m in!! Just going to send it!!


I accept!!!


Really hope I win so I can unleash the 707 singing eagles. I’ve never been really good at anything except driving. Best of luck everyone!


Bring it


I can out do anyone you throw at me


Sign me up


IT’S Time to make the donuts


I wanna go fast! Sincerely me


I can burn those tires off every day show people just how good these car are. I’m ready.


Greatest Contest ever, I have owned a Neon, and I am on my second Ram truck!! Have been envious of the Hellcat and Demons!! Dodge has really put out some beautiful Machines… Dream to drive one, I dare you to make me your Chief Donut Maker!!


Make it a female.


I’ve never owned a dodge… I can’t afford one. But it’s been my dream to own a 69 charger and a charger hellcat ever since I was little. I got lucky to sit in one on my 21st birthday, and It was the best thing I could’ve asked for. Im actually trying to get a new job at the moment, so that I can afford one down the road. And when I’m in an actual house and after i get married, I can start a family and show my kids what real cars were like back then. If you guys do read these comments, I just want to say that if you guys took a chance on a guy like me? I think you will be pleasantly surprised and won’t regret it. Thank you


Mopar or no Car! All Mopar garage. Challenger Hellcat, Challenger Hellcat Redeye, Durango R/t Blacktop Edition.


I’m a 5 :star2: driver PSU 5 years , My snap is 6,000 fans, I have 2017 dodge GT van exter duty shocks for the big boys on the team, Every ride they do KARAOKE in my ride
It would give me such joy to show off this beast At Home Games Blue And White. And your sale would go up. May the best Driver ( which could be a woman Win . Thank you kindly


We All need a new change for the new year


I’ve been taught speed my whole life my father fist car was a 1965 Dodge Charger so I was Always a dodge fan since a child. My favorite model is the charger, I also love the new rampage model you guys have and I know the speed and agility when I come to muscle cars


you should honestly just pick me


Well I have never had a Dodge Challenger that’s my dream car always kind of wanted a dodge charger Hellcat


I’ve been a Mopar guy my whole life. My first car was a 1969 Roadrunner 2dr hardtop,383 Magnum,727 Torqueflight,blue with black vinyl top and bench seat with black interior. My parents chipped in $650 and I paid the balance of the$2500. It was my high school graduation present in 1972. That roadrunner was a dream come true and set the stage for me by becoming an ASE MASTER TECHNICIAN FOR 45 YEARS .While in college for my automotive technician associate degree ,I was chosen along with 1 other student in our class to compete in tha Plymouth Trouble Shooting contest in Detroit
We finished 1st place with hands on and 2nd place for written. Great experience and thankful for Chrysler for all they did for us automotive students. A CHRYLER (MOPAR) GUY FOR LIFE!! THANKYOU


I promise you mr dodge that I know more about hellcats and can handle one better than anyone else, let me enjoy my dream car please before the horrible electric vehicle companies take over


I drive a 22 yr old 1500 w/ a 318 la. Please watch for my submission and videos to follow


I just want a ride of a lifetime


My father in law owns a 1/2 ton Ram truck, 3/4ton Ram truck, and a 1ton Ram fire truck. He now has me driving a Dodge Ram Mega Cab. We are Dodge people! We go to car shows all over TN and would love to expand that further if given the chance. He was a firefighter in Nolensville, TN. I would love to spend the extra time with him to show off Dodge products, so would he! Please give us a chance to show off new products to more potential packs of Dodge enthusiasts!


As a Dodge Charger Srt Donut specialist I would like to thank all who applied but I have the experience needed to level up to the CDM role.


I would love to thank everyone for trying to become the chef donut maker but Iam her now sorry the next Dodge Challenger would be called the ground ape! Cause it’s bananas how fast this car get in the steel jungle of American


My first ever car was a 1989 Dodge Daytona and now I own 2 2021 Ram 1500


I use to be a Chevy guy but had a lot of problems with an 05. I liked a buddy’s 1500 and I’ve now had 2 and my wife is on her 3rd jeep. I use to do donuts where I was the center and the car was spinning completely around me. I would love to have the CTR is what it and me could do.


I will smoke them tires out without any questions… and put A1+ Smile on everyone that’s gonna watch me


I wish.


It would be a honor to represent dodge I have been for yrs Goldberg to💪 u should see my Instagram carcrazy_chris .it’s amazing what these cars can really do with the right person behind the wheel. Love my dodge charger


I would be proud to respectfully represent what the Dodge Brothers started. I’m a bit grumpy and brash, but I’ve had nothing but Dodge (19 of em) in my driveway for 14 years.


I traded in my 2018 gomango Daytona 392 this summer. :cry: Huge mistake.


Chef donut maker, coolest job title ever!!


I want job can u help me :pleading_face:


Man that guy advertised the crap out of chief donut maker. I have no chance to be chosen as I don’t own any fast cars. But I applied anyway.


My Dodge does not run at the moment but I do have a Chevy Silverado that I thrash around with, especially in a mudhole lol


Great contest @dodge! Are we allowed to have other mopar products in our video or does it strictly have to be dodge?


I race four different cars a year I would love to be the one that pushes Dodge company


I’ve been a dodge fan since I came out the womb


Hello my name is Lavaughn I was wounding will you guy provid the hellcat for the position chief donut maker ?