Dodge Names Top 10 ‘Chief Donut Maker’ Candidates Seeking the Greatest Automotive Job in the World

The Dodge brand has named the top 10 candidates seeking the greatest automotive title in the world – Chief Donut Maker. Applicants were asked to show, in a short video (maximum length of two minutes), that they embody the spirit of the founding Dodge Brothers.

“With over 173,500 applications to review, it wasn’t easy, but we’ve selected our top 10 candidates for the Dodge brand’s Chief Donut Maker position,” said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis. “Now the rubber will literally hit the road, as we take our finalists to Radford Racing School to begin the four-week competition that will ultimately determine our final two candidates, with our Chief Donut Maker to be named on HEMI® Day, April 26.” 

Dodge has enlisted champion wrestler Bill Goldberg to oversee the competition between the top 10 finalists that will put their talents to the test, ultimately taking the finalists from 10 to five to the final two candidates. The finalists will be thrown into wild, hot-seat scenarios, including racing a Dodge horsepower heavyweight (with a professional driver on a closed track).  

The finale webisodes documenting the eliminations will air on the Dodge brand’s social media channels like a reality TV show, with the final episode revealing the Chief Donut Maker on April 26, 2022 (HEMI® Day). 

The Brotherhood of Muscle clearly has a taste for donuts. The brand has received more than 173,000 applications, with more than 14 million video views and 576K social engagements across Dodge brand’s social media channels since announcing the search last January. The Chief Donut Maker will be a Dodge ambassador, decked out in Dodge gear, driving a Dodge SRT® Hellcat, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and racing professionals at epic auto events while making a $150,000 paycheck – and they don’t even have to quit their day job. 



Good luck Jay! Your definitely a great ambassador for dodge.


Good luck Speedy. I live just up 24 at monteagle mountain and I am a fellow vet. Go all the way brother.


Money follows money it’s never the little guy from every day life


The theme song for the contest #chiefdonutmakerblues Check out the video here . . .


Congratulations to the finalist, here my issue with the whole dodge marketing campaign. As an owner of a hellcat soon to be a former owner because of the marketing team at dodge ruining this car creating a stereotype owner and driver of this car. Just look on YouTube and see all of the idiots driving these cars on public roads🤦🏻‍♂️
Yea I get it the dodge commercials are cool but sit back and look what they’re representing total Street chaos which driving these cars on public roads. Dodge marketing department should be ashamed of how they marketed this car indicating you can drive recklessly on public roads and endanger people in public. Don’t get me wrong I love muscle cars but I use my muscle car responsibly. Get crazy on a track or drag strip or private parking lot. Not to endanger people on public roads. There are videos all over social media with the hellcats tearing up public streets and also crashing these cars, let not mention running from the police too
Dodge should be ashamed with this donut maker campaign. I hope they can change the image with tearing up public roads driving these cars by idiots.
Let’s not forget the outrageous issues on these cars with being stolen. Some dealers will even put a boot on the wheels to prevent it from being stolen off the showroom floor🤦🏻‍♂️
Dodge sit back and look how you marketed this car. :man_shrugging:t2:


Congrats to the winners! Wish it was me but nonetheless have fun!


Thanks for wasting my time and getting my hopes up. Hey Goldberg I thought you take care of your vets! What a joke! I thought it was supposed to be 10,000 entries as well? Thats fine Dodge is stupid and will be discontinuing The Challenger and Charger to make an electric piece of junk! Might as well call it the Charger since you will have to charge the damn thing!


totally rigged. Have you seen the contestants. What a Joke. HEY DODGE why did you make up rules if you didn’t want them followed. Buying a Camaro


I guess it takes money to make money I thought these where supposed to be unjudgemental times but hey looks like I’m still right, but congrats to those who made it, an to dodge …well you make me want to sell my Mopar! I had a feeling that you were gonna prove me right and I thank you for that! Congrats and good luck to those finalist.


Dreams can become reality, if you want it hard enough. I am happy that I was given the opportunity, I had a feeling that I would get passed up, but I still took my shot. To all the whiners on here, ESPECIALLY MY FELLOW SOLDIERS, you need to learn to act right! No wonder you weren’t picked. Congrats to the 10 who were selected, best of luck to you all, have fun, and most importantly, if/when you are eliminated, shake hands with your opponents, thank Dodge for the opportunity, and take your leave with your held high, with respect.


Congratulations you MoPaR HeDz hope you get the Year of your Life. :metal:t2::us_outlying_islands::metal:t2:


Congrats, you lucky Bxxxxxx’s


So only people who already have a dodge lol got it !! Also I wish you could of looked for someone who’s life you could change and or introduce this new world to not people that pretty much already experienced and go to these events already.Feels like you already had the “type” in mind Congratulations to the winners :white_heart:


Man there are some whiners and sore losers chiming in. Ignore the trolls.


Congrats to all 10 for making it this far


Speedy is the man.


I have to admit I am pretty disappointed in Dodge on some of these 10 choices. Especially the young woman who “daddy” gave her that 1970 Challenger R/T on her 16th birthday or whatever. If Dodge asks me who to go with now, I would say that dude Chavez who was doing donuts on the salt flats and had some innovative aerial shots. Good Job.


Lets go SPEEDY!!! Semper Fi.


Congratulations to the finalists.


Wow totally didn’t see that coming. Good luck with the diaper change! You are going to need it.


So the “contest” was fixed. Noice!


Boooo! My daddy taught me to drive in a early 70’s model Charger with the Hurst 4 spd on the floor in the mid 1970’s and taught me how to rebuild my 4bbl carburetor, a Holley of course. Fast forward to 2022 and I’m now a 62 yr old Grandma who is in love with my 2015 Sublime Scat Pack Challenger. Do I still know how to make donuts?..…you betcha! Y’all should’ve picked a few underdogs in your top ten :green_heart:. But, CONGRATS to the finalists!! :green_heart:


Rich people or no they won and you should respect it. Everyone works hard in there own ways. And there hard work just paid off. Win or lose we all got a chance to win


Dang had to go through 173,500 videos! Guess the rule of only the first 10,000 went out the window.