How Much Viper Can You Handle?

Did you know that the Dodge Viper was the only V10-powered American sports car available in the ’90s? While the original concept car was laughable to some, the first production saw minute improvements that then snowballed into the future model generations that we know and love. Borrowing its engine design from trucks of that time, the 400HP V10 was loaded with torque. The later generations would see a massive increase in horsepower, jumping to 645 by the end of their run. The Viper was unique in so many ways, and the number of changes it went through during its lifespan might surprise you. See below for a recap and get all the Viper history here. We want to know – what model year Viper was your favorite?



Has to be the 4th gen/last generation of viper due to the HP and looks, love the Viper so much!


As a true Viper enthusiast I love them all. Each generation pushed the envelope further, guaranteeing its place in the automotive history books. It’s been said if there was never a Viper on the streets, other manufacturers may never have rose to the challenge that Viper created. The muscle/sport car climate might not be the same as it is today. I truly believe Viper kicked down that door and paved the way for the next generations of no nonsense, big attitude cars we have on American streets today. That being said, the first generation Viper will always be my favorite. The history behind what it took to bring the snake to life and the raw simplicity make it a legend.