Chief Donut Maker: The Hiring Process
Submissions Closed
January 20
February 28
March 2022
April 2022
May 2022
Accepting Applications
Last Day to Enter
Final 10 Candidates Selected
Elimination Rounds
Winner Announced


A still from The Process video showing a car on a winter road

Chief Donut Maker


Keep it safe & legal

Goldberg's Tips

Tell Us Who You Are

Goldberg's Tips

Show Us You Want It

Goldberg's Tips

Make It Creative

Goldberg's Tips

Nail the Technicals

Submissions Closed

How Chief Donut Maker Candidates Entered:

  1. Submit your application. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your unique Application ID needed to submit your interview video.
  2. Review the hiring process for Goldberg’s tips to make sure your interview video meets the requirements.
  3. Lights, camera, action! Record your interview video. You have a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of two minutes to show us what you’ve got.
  4. Upload your video to your public YouTube or Vimeo account or post to your public Facebook or Instagram feed (no stories) and include #ChiefDonutMakerContest in the description or post copy. Only valid links from those sites containing that hashtag will be accepted. Copy the link to your publicly visible video and return to
  5. Click the “Submit Interview Video” button.
  6. Enter your email address and your unique Application ID.
  7. Paste the link to your publicly visible video from your YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Instagram account and click the “Submit Video” button. Double check your link to make sure it works before submitting. Only valid links submitted on DodgeGarage will be considered entries.
  8. Only the first 10,000 eligible submissions received will be included in the judging phase, and you can only submit ONE video, so make it count!
  9. Remember, keep it safe and legal.

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