Modern Muscle Motivates the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals!

There’s no debate, the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals is one of the finest Mopar® car shows in the country, if not on the planet. More than 3,000 participants entered their cars, trucks and SUVs in their respective classes during this year’s event, a new record for this Chrysler-themed show that’s been around since 1991. Along with the over-the-top rare muscle cars that attend Carlisle, there’s the mix of super-rare muscle, daily vintage drivers and many other unique machines. Over the past 10 years, the late-model Challengers and Chargers have been making their presence known in the vast rolling hills of the show field. While the Dodge//Mopar community is a diverse bunch of guys and gals that share the same love for the brand, they’re carrying on that passion for future generations to enjoy.  

One of the many exhibits at Carlisle that drives this point home is the Dodge Thrill Rides. The place was rocking all weekend as hundreds of power-hungry enthusiasts got to experience the sheer horsepower and torque of the supercharged 6.2L HEMI® engine that motivates the SRT® Hellcat Challengers and Chargers. The constant shredding of tires and plumes of smoke was like a calling card to the thousands of show attendees who came from all over the country to get their kicks at Carlisle. One thing’s for sure, they all had massive smiles on their faces when they peeled their body off those leather seats.

One of the many enthusiasts we ran into was Steve Smits and his gorgeous personalized and modified 2017 White Knuckle Challenger Scat Pack Shaker that he had brought from Bloomingdale, New Jersey. “We love coming to Carlisle every year. Getting back together and reuniting with my Mopar family is just one of the many reasons we love coming to this show,” said Steve. A veteran of the event for almost two decades, Steve has brought many cool Dodge vehicles to the Carlisle show in the past, including his first-generation Durango that he customized. Steve then got involved in the Durango club and soon over 70 members would be caravanning to Carlisle. “We continue that tradition today with my Challenger Scat Pack and enjoy every moment at this awesome show!”

Steve and his Mopar family are indicative of the tight-knit group of Mopar lovers that make the journey to the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals every year. It’s not just the love of horsepower or SRT Hellcats, it’s community and family that makes up the modern Mopar car culture. And if this past event is any indication of the future of the hobby, then you better make some more room in the show field, this group is growing.

Need more proof? For the second straight year, a new record was set in the Carlisle show field as 3,101 entries lined the lush green hills of the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Check out these awesome pictures of the modern Mopar vehicles that made their presence known at this year’s Carlisle Chrysler Nationals.