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woman with her dodge vehicle

Fast Finn

3 min read

Passionate Dodge Challenger owners come in all different ages, genders and walks of life from around the world. The love of pure American horsepowe...

11 days ago  Showcase David Hakim

matt hagan's funny car drag racing

The Countdown Continues

5 min read

Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat Funny Car Drivers Do Battle in Vegas for NHRA World Championship Hunt The 2019 NHRA drag racing season is closing in fas...

19 days ago  Racing David Hakim

Mopar® Dodge Lowliner Concept

Keep on Truckin’

6 min read

Mopar® Dodge Lowliner Concept to Debut at SEMA Each year around this time,our friends at Mopar® invite us to the Design Dome located in the FCA Nor...

20 days ago  Showcase David Hakim

man and woman with autographed vehicle part

On the Wings of Love

4 min read

We can only imagine the look on Dee Swanson’s face when her husband Carl pulled up in the driveway of their tiny duplex in Pensacola, Florida, in a...

24 days ago  Showcase David Hakim