tire tracks in the snow

Hibernation Preparation

4 min read

We have a saying here in the great north: “Winter is coming”, but maybe instead, we should be saying, “winter is here”, because by the beginning of...

11/26/2019 1:00 PM  How-To Olivia Crosby

vehicle part

Automatic Transmissions

4 min read

Automatic transmissions are an engineering marvel, really. ​Even to the savviest mechanic, the complexity of an auto transmission and how it operat...

11/23/2019 4:00 PM  How-To Todd SRTMush

dodge vehicle

Fuel for Thought

4 min read

How to Deal with Dirty, Clogged, Leaky or Electrically Challenged Fuel Injectors Fuel Injection Basics A fuel injector is a 12-volt electrical sole...

10/30/2019 5:00 AM  How-To Dodge Garage


Stay Out of the Red

2 min read

A Quick Review of the Use and Benefits of the Tachometer These days, most vehicles are equipped with a tachometer – a dashboard gauge or readout in...

10/23/2019 2:59 PM  How-To Dodge Garage

decrepit plymouth vehicle

Too Far Gone

7 min read

Buried deep within the woods, abandoned in barns or left for dead decades ago, there are literally hundreds of desirable Mopar® muscle cars out the...

10/21/2019 9:00 AM  How-To Olivia Crosby

vehicle wheel

Bleeding Out

4 min read

How to purge the air out of braking systems. When a routine brake job is performed (pads and/or shoes, and maybe the rotors/drums, are replaced), t...

10/14/2019 4:00 AM  How-To Dodge Garage