Prescribed Health and Wellness for Your Dodge

Just as we head into the doctor’s office for an annual checkup that involves having our temperature and blood pressure taken, being poked and prodded, then that depressing moment of stepping on the scale and cringing when numbers light up, it can be less stressful when it comes to your vehicle. Even though the human body is different than a car, they’re very similar, and with the new Vehicle Performance Package from Dodge Connect, it goes way beyond just the nuts and bolts under the hood. It’s a rolling tool chest of helpful online tools you can access from your smartphone that’ll give you the lowdown on your vehicle. These apps are loaded with the latest and greatest technology and let the owner take a deeper, data-driven look into their vehicle. From assisting drivers on how to increase fuel and battery efficiency to health alerts to let you know when it’s time to come in for service. The Vehicle Performance Package provides you the means to keep everything running and operating smoothly both under the hood and inside the car. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what the Dodge Vehicle Performance Package provides.


Performance is more than horsepower, torque, 0-60 and quarter-mile times. Performance also means what’s happening elsewhere in your vehicle and Dodge Connect loops you in and keeps you informed on your vehicle’s health.

Vehicle Health

We all want to stay out of the shop and on the road. With Vehicle Health Reports, it’s easy to keep a close eye on how your vehicle is running. You can check tire pressure or fuel and charge levels, and even keep an eye on your mileage any time in the Dodge App. Plus, every month, you’ll receive a summary of your vehicle’s health in your email.

Never Be Surprised

If problems do pop up, Vehicle Health Alerts are there to help you get back on the road sooner. You’ll receive a notification if your vehicle detects a problem under the hood, letting you know if a qualified service technician should take a look and giving you options to book an appointment directly in the app.

Always Up to Date

With our Remote Software Updates, you’ll get notified whenever new software is available for your vehicle. You can install the update immediately or schedule it for a later time using your vehicle’s built-in cellular connection.

Data Driven

Data is good and you can never have too much info. Check out where you’ve been and how much muscle you used to get there with Trip Reports in the app. Explore the duration, distance and average speed of all your past trips, as well as discover how you can improve your overall energy consumption and vehicle efficiency.

More Ways to Connect

We believe in choices and Dodge Connect was inspired, designed and built to make every drive smoother. Go beyond performance with tools for navigating better and connecting from anywhere. Here are some of the tools at your fingertips.

Navigation Package

This helps you make the most of the built-in Uconnect® 5 with the Dynamic Range Mapping and Charge Station Locator so you never run low on fuel or charge, seamless Last Mile Navigation to get you to your destination and Send & Go for ultimate phone-to-vehicle connection.

Assistance Package

This package gets you connected with your car from virtually anywhere through a connected web of remote operation features. Remotely lock your doors, start your engine or even flash your lights from the app. Set up Drive Alerts for safer driving, track down where you parked with the Vehicle Finder and control PHEV fueling.

Vehicle Performance Package

The Dodge Connect gives you real-time information about the health and status of your vehicle, keeps your vehicle updated with the latest and greatest technology and lets you take a deeper, data-driven look at how you drive so that you can constantly improve fuel and battery efficiency. Enrolling in the 3-month trial of Dodge Connect gives you full access to the Vehicle Performance Package for 5 years. 

If you’re digging what we’re putting down, then simply activate your 3-month trial of Dodge Connect to get access to these features and take your vehicle’s performance up a notch.