Triple Threat, Round Three of Holley MoParty is About to Commence!

The ground will be pounding and tires screaming as the third annual Holley MoParty will ascend on Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky, this weekend (September 16-18). In a high-octane rush of all things Mopar®, this fabled drag strip that also happens to have a massive skid pad and autocross course will be the epicenter of the planet when it comes to high-horsepower hijinks while a large gathering of rare and unique vehicles take over the rolling grassy hills that give Beech Bend its distinctive vibe.

Run What Ya Brung!

The heart of the MoParty is by far the drag racing and the fine folks at Holley have worked with numerous sponsors to create a multitude of classes where you run virtually any type of Mopar vehicle. Old or new school, there’s something for everyone. From HEMI® Super Stock and HEMI Outlaw, to True Street, Stick Shift, and even a specific category for Challenger 1320/Scat Pack machines, the staging lanes will have a constant flow of high-powered race and street machines doing battle and heading down historic Beech Bend Raceway’s well-groomed surface. Winners will be eligible for an assortment of cash prizes and cool swag. For more details, check out the Holley MoParty Drag Racing class rules and get your game on!

Show ‘N Shine

The car show is one of the many aspects of the MoParty show that keeps fans flocking for more. With vintage 1960s and early ’70s ground-pounding big-block Mopar muscle, to the modern Challenger and Charger SRT® Demons, Redeyes, Hellcats and Scat Packs, the show field will be packed door handle to door handle. MoParty will also have experienced judges walking the show field looking at the cool cars for their picks, but it won’t be easy. Here’s the breakdown of the category’s in which attendees can enter their sweet rides.

• A Body – Any A body cars built between 1963 & 1976
• B Body – Any B body cars built between 1962 & 1978
• E Body – Any E body cars built between 1970 & 1974
• LX – Any late-model cars built after 2000
• Stock – Open to any early Mopar body cars built before 1996 (must have less than five bolt-on modifications)
• Modified – Open to any early Mopar body cars built before 1996
• Truck and SUV – Open to any truck, SUV, Ramcharger
• FMJ Body – Open to any F, M or J body vehicle built between 1976 & 1989
• AMC – Open to any AMC built between 1954 & 1988

Diamonds in the Rough!

No car show is worth its salt without a swap meet and this year’s Holley MoParty event will have massive improvements. “The MoParty staff have been working on improving that aspect of the show since our inaugural year and we’re excited to announce some changes for 2022 that will make for a much better experience for both swappers and swap vendors alike,” noted Bill Tichenor, Marketing Director at Holley. “We reached out to Geoff McBryde of Showtime Restorations in Cherryville, North Carolina, and has joined our Holley MoParty team. Geoff will serve as our main point of contact for all things swap meet. Geoff has accumulated a long resume of swap meet experience over the decades and is already working to streamline the swap meet experience for vendors. We’ve also shifted the location of the swap meet to the top of the hill close to spectator parking. This is helpful in that it makes it much easier for a swap customer to lug those engine parts, sheet metal or just about anything else they’ve scooped up in the swap meet area.”

Take a Left, Then a Right!

Do you think your ride handles pretty well? Then put it to the test on the MoParty autocross! For those not hip to the scene, autocross is a low-speed competition designed to highlight the handling, acceleration and braking of your Mopar vehicle, regardless of which decade it was built. The autocross course at Beech Bend Raceway features wide sweepers, tight hairpins, chicanes and various slalom sections to keep you on your toes while your heart pumps on the redline from start to finish. The Holley MoParty Autocross Package is packed with extras the participants will dig, like the 3S (Speed, Stop and Steering) Challenge course (Sunday), HP Tuners Dyno Challenge, countryside cruise and show ‘n shine. If you’ve signed up for these events, better make sure your gas tank or fuel cell is topped off with some high-octane brew! You’re guaranteed to enjoy a lot of track time over the course of the three-day event. Just note the rules, and safety requirements before you roll onto the grid.

As always, the Holley MoParty will have the Dodge Thrill Rides presented by Arrington Performance back to once again give attendees a taste of SRT Hellcat HEMI horsepower goodness wrapped in Challenger and Charger SRT shapely sheet metal. For those who also wish to leave their mark on Beech Bend’s pavement during MoParty and don’t mind sacrificing a pair of rear tires to the horsepower gods, the Burnout Challenge will also be happening this year. Remember, try to breathe through your mouth when the billowing smoke clouds start rolling your way.

So, with summer ready to cross the finish line and pull the chutes, head to the Bluegrass State and experience MoParty. It’ll be a gathering of mammoth proportions you won’t forget!