This Massive Collection is Headed to Auction

Kevin Sergent’s first memories include him sliding around in the back of his father’s 1968 Plymouth Road Runner. As a child, he spent weekends at the racetrack watching his dad compete; and as a teen, he began working at his uncle’s salvage yard. His interest and passion in vehicles never stopped growing as he went from working at a dealership to then buying his own. He had a simple plan from the start – to simply buy the best car he could afford and then trade up when something better became available. Today, his collection is what Mopar® dreams are made of. Kevin Sergent’s 25-car collection, made up of Superbirds, ‘Cudas and Road Runners to name a few, is headed to Mecum Kissimmee in January. Chris Jacobs sits down with Sergent at his Pennsylvania home to talk about the collection in the video below. The 2024 auction is sure to be one for the books – don’t miss it!