There’s Just Somethin’ ’Bout the ’Cuda

Mecum Glendale is right around the corner and with that comes loads of Plymouth and Dodge treasures to drool and dream over. Originally sporting an orange hue and not-too-shabby 6.3L 4-BBL V8, this sexy 1971 Plymouth HEMI® engine-powered ’Cuda has undergone a few upgrades that we think are definitely better. Now flaunting a sleek classic-black finish with white accents and powered by an impressive 8.6L HEMI V8 engine, paired with its original 4-speed manual transmission that is sure to increase the fun of driving. The color and engine aren’t the only things that set this sexy muscle car apart from the crowd, check out the other enhancements hiding under the hood. Let us know in the comments how much you think it will go for. And if you’re going to be at the auction, stop by the Dodge display and take a Thrill Ride of a lifetime.

Photo credit: | Robert S. Miller

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