A Stunning 1953 Dodge Power Wagon Crossing the Auction Block at Mecum Indy

A fully restored 1953 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab Pickup, equipped with a Cummins 2.8-liter diesel engine and modern upgrades, is set to be auctioned at Mecum Indy. Meticulously transformed with classic style and modern engineering, it offers both nostalgia and innovation. With features like vintage air conditioning, Wilwood disc brakes and a Pioneer touchscreen entertainment system, it promises a thrilling driving experience. Visually stunning with a striking red exterior and custom wood deck bed, it’s a head-turner on and off the road. With its commanding presence and blend of old-school charm and contemporary enhancements, it’s sure to attract enthusiasts seeking a unique automotive masterpiece.

Photo credit: Mecum | Robert Miller moparinsiders.com

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