Coronets Are Royalty Too … in the Minds of Some Enthusiasts

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Garage Kept Motors has a pretty unique Dodge Coronet sitting in their presence. It’s outfitted with the highly desirable 440ci Magnum Six-Pack V8 and painted a bright shade of red with a black interior that screams it means business. We love everything about this Super Bee muscle car and we know it won’t last long on the market. Check out all the deets and give us your opinion.



Coronets were always hot and collectable!!! Coronet Super Bee,Coronet R/T even the Coronet 500 and base models were hot!!! Albeit 383 Magnum,440 Magnum,440 6 pack and 426 HEMI were the engines to have in them!

I guess lots of people today have no clue these cars exist…Around the year 2000,people stopped driving these cars daily and all the time and parked them in their garage and thats that…Only take them out for car shows…I have been guilty of that but because mine needed work,by 2004 I ran it daily again until 2012…the new Challenger RT and still went for drives nearly every day in mine since! I wish more people would drive their old cars,who cares if you get a rock chip here/there a good detail and they are nearly invisible!! I dont want a car pushed on a trailer and pushed off and put mirrors under the car and only show it,that is the dumbest thing ever! DRIVE THEM,RACE THEM HAVE FUN YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE!!When you die some clown will own your car that you never drove and drive it!!

Looks like the one my friend Shane (R.I.P.) owned.


A convertible of this model? I’m going crazy man. Lol


Dammit man. I’ll put it this way. Every classic car with this body type is just freaking amazing. I wish I own every last rendition of these cars. I didnt even know this existed. But it is a complete beauty. Even like it better than the charger but im not too positive.