Bet You Haven’t Seen One of These Lately

This 1968 Dodge Hurst HEMI® Dart LO23 Super Stock – there’s a mouthful for you – is one of just 80 total built. It was originally issued with a disclaimer that it was only to be used for drag racing or “supervised acceleration trials”, despite being street legal, and recorded a low-ten-second quarter-mile at roughly 130 mph. The LO23 was introduced in 1960 and had three generations prior to the model you see here, getting more powerful with each redesign. Dodge engineers collaborated with Hurst to equip the car with the 426 HEMI V8 engine and outfit it with lightweight elements and high-performance parts following enthusiasm around the proposition to create a factory drag racing version of the Dart GTS – and this ’68 Dart was the result. Find out what makes this 1968 Dodge Dart so rare that two similar examples sold for over $300,000.



My SE DC neighborhood friend, Johnny DeRosa, had a '68 Hemi LO23 Dodge Dart. He raced at Capitol and Aquasco Raceways in MD (Others I’m sure).


My brother in-law Pete Toms bought it new it is all original with all paperwork & build sheet Pete past away 2 years ago it was sold to another racer of Bucky Hess of WV