Meet the Prospector

It’s not too often that we catch a vehicle on the drag strip that’s almost 85 years old. But Bob Larson spent the better part of seven years working on this 1938 Dodge Coupe so you better believe that he’s going to show it off. Larson restored his first car when he was in high school and has been tinkering on automotive projects of all sizes ever since. He eventually opened his own shop, Old Guy Hot Rods, and developed a specialty for vehicles that shine at the track. After Larson’s first time at Hot Rod Drag Week, he decided he needed his own project car for drag-and-drive events and he had one in mind. “I bought this car 30 years ago and started collecting parts for it… I worked on my customers’ cars during the week and messed with this car on the weekends, that’s why it took so long to build,” Larson says. The end result? The Prospector is a ’38 Dodge Coupe that doubles as a daily driver and a drag strip player. We love running into Larson and his one-of-a-kind Coupe on the road! Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever caught the Prospector in action.