A Classic Dodge Pickup’s Story

Preston and Dorothy Stephens got together in the late 1930s and were no strangers to hard work. They bought a farm after they got married, built a farmhouse and started their family. Fast forward about 35 years, the Stephenses were juggling a pear tree farm and a wallpaper installation business. The couple needed a practical vehicle that could handle loads of seeds some days and heaps of wallpaper supplies on others and decided on a Desert Turquoise 1970 Dodge D100 Adventurer – a pickup that had a nearly 33-year reign for the Dodge brand. Ira, Dorothy and Preston’s son, was just 13 years old when the pickup came to the farm. He spent a lot of time behind the wheel and even more time learning about how to properly care for an integral piece of machinery like this one. The Stephenses sold the Adventurer after Preston’s death, but it would not be the last time Ira crossed paths with the family truck. Here’s how a 1970 Dodge D100 Adventurer found its way back to the family farm.