The Magnum Series: A Deep Dive

A series of V8 engines was developed over more than 40 years, culminating in the Magnum series. With roots in the A-series engines, which began as basic powerplants but evolved into higher-performance versions, the Magnum series was introduced in 1992 and 1993 and marked a significant overhaul of the previous versions. These engines featured redesigned cylinder heads optimized for fuel efficiency and emissions, improved the efficiency of the oil passageways and redesigned the 360 rocker arms for improved performance.

The Magnum series represented a substantial evolution of V8 engines for the industry, with numerous design changes aimed at enhancing performance, fuel efficiency and emissions control, setting them apart from their non-Magnum predecessors. Follow along for this three-part series, Magnum Manifesto, and take a deep dive into the origins of the Mopar® 360/330 Crate Motor.