The Bidding Will Start at $2.15 Million

In 1964, the Plymouth Barracuda was expected to be a rising star in the automotive industry in the United States. Surprisingly, the Barracuda found itself overshadowed by a competitor during its initial debut and struggled to gain popularity. In 1970, it underwent a significant transformation and shifted to a new platform that coincided with the introduction of the Dodge Challenger. The third generation introduced a comprehensive lineup of engines, featuring everything from the modest Slant Six to the powerful HEMI® elephant.

One of the most notable variants from this era was the 1970 HEMI ‘Cuda convertible and this example, that’s patiently waiting for a new owner, is a one of one. The ‘Cuda was restored a few years back and features a refreshed Twisted Lemon paint job with a distinctive tan interior. There are only 26,300 miles on the odometer and the car’s history is meticulously documented. The asking price is not listed for this super-rare ’70 Plymouth Barracuda but it previously went for $2 million! Let us know in the comments how much you think it will sell for this time.

Photo credit: Mecum Auctions

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