“Black Widow” Reminiscent of Two Popular Horror Movies

“Christine” and “Black Widow” are two iconic nicknames in the automotive world. “Christine” refers to a late 1950s Plymouth Fury made famous by Stephen King’s novel and John Carpenter’s film, while “Black Widow” refers to a 1957 Chevy used in NASCAR that featured fuel injection.

The 1958 Plymouth Belvedere discussed here isn’t a Fury or a Tri-Five, but a tribute to both. Originally a Belvedere, it has had a rough life but has survived into 2024, unlike many of its counterparts. It sports a weathered paint job with remnants of red and black, giving it a unique – albeit sloppy – look, while the chrome remains in good condition.

The owner named it “Black Widow” due to the black paint, echoing the 1957 Chevy’s nickname and its racing legacy. The interior is a mix of original and restored elements, in decent condition but not pristine.

Under the hood, this Belvedere is more aligned with the “Black Widow” legacy. It features a 392-cubic-inch (6.4-liter) HEMI® engine, originally offered by Chrysler from 1957 to 1958, rather than the engines typically found in a 1958 Belvedere. This HEMI engine, a FirePower mill, was used in high-performance Chrysler models, delivering up to 375 horsepower with a dual carburetor setup.

The car is equipped with exhaust cutouts, making the engine notably loud. Overall, this Belvedere stands out as a unique and loud vintage vehicle, paying homage to both “Christine” and the “Black Widow.”

Photo credit: barclaygebel YouTube | Ciprian Florea autoevolution.com

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