Not Everyone Opted for the HEMI®

The Dodge Coronet, initially a full-size car, transitioned to an intermediate in the mid-1960s, birthing iconic muscle cars like the Charger and Super Bee. Despite its versatility in body styles, it excelled as a performer, particularly in its two-door versions with powerful V8 engines, including the 426 HEMI®. The Coronet A990, a limited run of factory Super Stock racers, showcased its performance in 1965. The Coronet R/T package, introduced in 1967, offered top-tier performance with a 440-cubic-inch RB engine as standard and the 426 HEMI engine as an option. Despite selling nearly 185,000 units in 1967, only a small percentage opted for the R/T model, making them rare finds for enthusiasts. A restored Coronet R/T from the Gause Garage collection exemplifies the timeless appeal of the model, boasting a flawless appearance, rare color combination and matching numbers under the hood. Despite its excellence, non-HEMI examples like this one remain relatively affordable for collectors.

Photo credit: Gause Garage YouTube | Ciprian Florea

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440’s rule they ran in the 12’s easily remember old car tests were done with 195/70/14 bias ply tires and had zero traction…Tracks even up until the late 1990’s were NOT prepped like today,basically they were NO prep…

I laugh at the performance stats people spout off about these cars lol they’re all wrong/off.

Yes,pre 1972 440 Mopar cars ran 12’s in the 1/4 and ran quicker with mods…remember traction always a factor…Slick then still made the car spin it was a 225 wide slick that had traction like a modern minivan tire.

We had a stock low mileage not rolled over 99,999 3 times like most old cars did! Yes most old cars have 200,000 plus miles as odometers dont register…MOPAR gas/brake pedals do not wear out and you can have 300,000 on a car and people think its 80,000 like the odometer says,been there,done it…

Anyways a stock 1968 Chrysler Newport 383 2bbl with 3.23 gears(I checked) ran mid to upper 15’s in the 1/4 and a 7.4 0-60 that was a low compression,2 barrel,single exhaust bone stock Chrysler…A magazine back in the day tested a new 318 2bb Charger and they ran 7 sec range 0-60 and upper 15’s in the 1/4 they even said it spun a bit…So no way a 440 in the same car is running the same or 1 second quicker lol…Zero traction/spinning is why…The Newport hooked and went,a tiny brake torque it smoked them a lot and around corners the one wheel peel spun for awhile.

My point to the story is 4 4 0 is a LEGEND best engine Chrysler made! Reliable,powerful and just a torque monster that was King until the modern 392 and Hellcats came out!! Love those too,but 440 is my go to…Now want to run with a Hellcat or Demon,stroker 440’s will do it…I have a 535 in my b body!