Would You Fly Halfway Around the World for Your Dream Car?

That’s EXACTLY what one man did. Sam had been fixated on owning a classic Dodge Charger and flew to the UK to buy a 1970 model. It had been sitting for 36 years in a makeshift garage, built by the previous owner, Tim Cummings. Tim received the Charger in pieces as a gift from his father and managed to assemble it, driving it illegally at times due to incomplete restoration. Sam, having previously owned a Charger and sold it for family needs, was eager to acquire this one. He faced difficulties loading it onto his trailer due to its state and the trailer’s size. The car lacked wheels, and many components were missing or rusty. Tim, the seller, had lost interest in the project over time and simply wanted a car he could drive without hassle. The Charger was originally intended to be painted metallic green but ended up yellow, a decision influenced by a brochure. Sam dreams of restoring the car and taking Tim for a joy ride someday.

Photo credit: Hard Up Garage YouTube | Elena Lucian autoevolution.com

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