Wind Tunnel Model Found After 30 Years!

Ken Thorson, a resident of Park Ridge, New Jersey, has been passionate about Mopar® vehicles since his youth. He started his collection with a 1970 Road Runner and has since acquired numerous Dodge and Plymouth cars from the late ’60s and early ’70s. Recently, he purchased a rare 3/8ths scale wind tunnel model of a 1971 Charger, one of three built for NASCAR tests. The model, found in storage after 30 years, is remarkably preserved with original features such as identification tags and aerodynamic adjustments. The tests conducted by Chrysler in 1970 were ultimately rendered obsolete by new NASCAR rules, but Ken is excited to own this significant piece of automotive history. He’s considering options for its display, possibly in a museum, while currently relishing in its craftsmanship and historical value.

Photo credit: Hemmings

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