Never Lift Podcast: Late Model Stock Car Racer Mamba Smith Is Running A Dodge Livery This Weekend

It’s been a while since Dodge backed a late model stock car racer, but this weekend we have our eye on an up-and-coming talented racer by the name of Dylan Smith, a.k.a. Mamba Smith. If you’ve been to one of the events where Dodge brings their famous Thrill Rides, you’ve likely seen Mamba energizing the crowd with his contagious excitement while they wait to take the ride of their life.

Aside from being a crowd favorite, Mamba is also a very talented racer. Sure he can drag race, but stock car racing is where his passion currently lies, and this weekend he’ll be driving in the South Carolina 250 CP Memorial race at Florence Motor Speedway. You won’t want to miss it because Mamba will be sporting a kickass Dodge livery. He’ll also be taking over the DodgeMoparMotorsports Instagram channel for the weekend to give our followers an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes to get ready for a race like this.

Recently Mamba sat down with SRTMush on the Never Lift Podcast to talk about the race and his journey to get to this pivotal moment in his life. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.



Baby steps, I guess, but Dodge getting back into America’s favorite style of racing at any level is better than nothing but I certainly hope that it grows into a NASCAR return!!!


Can’t wait to watch this thing rip. See y’all at the speedway.