DodgeGarage Download: Drew and His Van Named Larry

Drew has had some epic adventures in Larry, his 2001 Dodge Ram van that he’s converted into a low-buck camper. Except, Larry has car-cancer: RUST; and his suspension is falling out. Watch the episode, then help us find a new old van for Drew. Know of one? Drop us an email!



Hey John! Great stuff here! Glad to see that your podcast is cruising right along. It isn’t really applicable for a Larry replacement but I wanted to mention that I recently got rid of my gear hauler, which was a 2011 Chrysler Minivan. I was the second owner (Katy’s Dad bought it new and I bought it from him so I didn’t have to put my cameras and guitars in my convertible LOL) and when I sold it in early 2020 it had 411,000 miles on it and was still going strong. The A/C compressor went bad and I didn’t want to replace it but I would totally recommend their vans again. We now have a Pacifica in the family and it really is very nice. Cheers, John!

I can’t thank you enough for the interview! It was a wonderful opportunity to share the story of my old Dodge van!

I have since found my next rig to continue my journey (I couldn’t contain myself, and it’s a Dodge!), but for any of you that do have these old vans, you might reach out to Bob Wells.

Bob is the creator of CheapRVLiving, a community that’s been introducing vanlife to people that might not have a choice. He been creating how to videos for years, and more recently he’s been building old vans to help people get off the street.

Thanks again John! :pray: