Never Lift Podcast: Bob Broderdorf Talks Roadkill Nights & Vehicle Reveals

This Summer’s most EPIC party, Roadkill Nights, is just days away! We sat down with the Dodge Director of Operations, Bob Broderdorf to get a glimpse of what we can expect. Bob fills us in on all the festivities lined up for 2022 Roadkill Nights, as well as Speed Week. Dodge Speed Week will be the stage for an assortment of new vehicle announcements and reveals each evening of August 15th, 16th, and 17th. It’s going to be a wild ride!



I’m excited to be co-hosting the Dodge Garage podcast with KJ Jones on Saturday “track side” on Woodward Avenue. The “good old days” are RIGHT NOW - with even better days to come! See you all on Saturday, Steve Magnante


SUMMARY—“THE REBEL RODDER: A 2016 Cross Country Challenger Quest (C3Q)" OF A Roadside America Tour

Most people day dream about doing remarkable things, we actually do them. Case in point: we traveled 11,600 miles in 21 days to post at least one art poster in all 48 lower continental states of America—living out most people’s fantasy vacation, while driving in many American’s dream hot rod. However, this was no vacation and the modern American muscle car—the Dodge CHALLENGER—served as a fitting symbol to dare others to break this newly established world’s record by road rebels.
During this quest, we’ve met people we would not ordinarily meet and felt things we would probably never feel again. We’ve seen things most people will never see like the velocity blur of a Nebraska landscape, while driving a predominantly phantom black Challenger SRT8 over 175 mph before running out of road on our way to poster junked-vehicles at the outdoor, art installation “Carhenge.” We’ve done things most people will never do like hiking along the rim of a dormant volcano, overlooking four states (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah & Arizona, only to descend into its charred, molten, cooled rocky center in New Mexico. We’ve experienced the extremes of living out one’s passionate purpose in collaboration with the unconditional love of a life partner, while at times during intense difficult moments in the trip also experienced contempt for each other and yet coming out the other end as stronger steel, forged from the fires of triumphs and tribulations (perhaps in preparation for more grandiose projects yet to come). On top of everything we have unofficially established a new Guinness World’s Record (pending review of our records) by being the first guerrilla artist to place at least one art poster in every state in the continental U.S., documented by credit card statements and receipts; along with pictures, video and a log book filled with witnesses’ names, signatures and contact information to confirm our whereabouts. (Video and pictures are available on Facebook under search term: “S3K”.
268 art posters were placed in 48 states, 60 cities at 106 sites in 3 weeks’ time. All posted in different locations without authorization, permissions or permits—guerrilla art at its simplest, speediest and grandest. Placement of posters ranged from the conventional like college bulletin boards at Yale Uni-versity, all variety of power and electrical traffic boxes (tall vertical ones to short wide ones and differ-ent colors: green, pink, salmon, stainless steel, black, white and beige) to strange sites like statues, busts, dumpsters, gas stations (trash cans, fuel pumps and pillars), signs (state visitor centers, pedes-tals, back of billboards), utility rooms, abandoned shacks, sheds and buildings, baseball stadiums, out-door art projects, graffiti-ridden junked cars, a green plastic dinosaur, in front of a police department, behind of a fast food chain order speaker board, on a freeway overpass, highway bridges, pillars and pedestals, a steel train bridge, a Grand Canyon gift shop, a cowboy straddling a rocket on top of a fire-truck, a giant water tank on a Montana hilltop that can be seen for blocks, inside the largest book store in the country at Portland, Oregon, in the foyer of a Denny’s in Indiana, and behind a national park sign like John Brown’s at Harpers Ferry in West Virginia.
WITH THE PAST AS PROLOGUE & THE FUTURE IS COMING FAST… The time has now come for the “Rebel Rodder” to break the unofficial “Cross Country Challenger Quest’s (C3Q)” world’s record with the new 2025 EV Challenger by one day. I’ve done it once before and I can do it again…only quicker by at least one day! What do you say Bob, do you want me to send you a full-blown proposal for C3Q II in 2023?


A Bold Proposition Regarding The Challenger EV Reveal…


My name is Zevin X. Cruz (aka: The Rebel Rodder). I’ve contacted you as someone who has unofficially set a new world’s record of travelling on all 48-Continental states in 21 days on my black, customized, nitrous equipped 2010 Dodge SRT 8 as the first Guerrilla Artist to place at least one art poster in all continuous states in America. I’ve attached my Guinness World’s Record application and pictures for a cursory confirmation of this epic journey.

In the next few days, before the official unveiling of the 2025 EV Challenger in Detroit Michigan, I will be sending you a proposal to break the unofficial record by one day with your new electric Challenger to promote & demonstrate to America the performance, comfort and most importantly the long distance range capability of this new vehicle.

Is this something that would interest you?

Please Let me know
The Rebel Rodder

Send it! Cant wait