A Swarm of One

Mike Musto and Hemmings have made it their business to grow and uplift the collector car community, because they’ve “been part of it since the start of it.” They help owners buy, sell and modify cars – from daily drivers and classic rides to modern powerhouses. Musto has heard that Dodge is calling the all-new Dodge Hornet fun to drive with great driving dynamics, so he’s planning to put it to what he considers the ultimate test. The Hemmings team, and collaborators that you’ll likely recognize, will take a stock Hornet and “modify the hell out of it” in a series of videos, starting with the one below. Right out of the gate, Musto is pleasantly surprised with the Dodge Hornet. Watch the full video for his detailed, honest review, PLUS a sneak peak at the future of this project. Let us know in the comments if you’re along for the ride!