Hennessey Ups the Ante

Hennessey Special Operations (HSO) is introduced as a new division focused on ultra-high-horsepower and low-volume projects, complementing Hennessey’s existing ventures like the Venom F5 and tuner kits. Led by Design Director Nathan Malinick, HSO aims to fulfill clients’ dreams through bespoke builds akin to Rolls-Royce Coachbuild, potentially including unique bodywork and substantial power upgrades. The debut project, Demon 1700 Twin Turbo, limited to 12 units, exemplifies HSO’s approach of meticulously crafted, limited-run creations. Operating at a pace of 15-20 vehicles per year, HSO requires prospective customers to apply for modifications, ensuring each project aligns with their vision and the division’s capabilities. While the division’s future projects remain under wraps, HSO promises more exciting endeavors in the pipeline, maintaining a balance between exclusivity and innovation within the automotive customization realm. Hennessey always seems to up the ante and we can’t wait to see what their Special Operations division comes up with!

Photo credit: Roger Biermann | carbuzz.com

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