What’s So Special About RestoMods?

Chris Hedgecock, CEO of RestoMods based in San Diego, California, advocates for the restomod approach to classic car restoration, aiming to maintain the original factory appearance while upgrading powertrains and amenities. Stemming from his father’s influence, Chris’s passion for classic cars, particularly from the golden era of muscle cars, led him to appreciate various models from the big Detroit 3. While acknowledging the nostalgia and financial benefits of original restorations, Chris emphasizes the appeal of enhancing classic cars with modern performance and creature comforts. RestoMods distinguishes itself by focusing on promotional giveaways rather than customer work, allowing them to shape their vision based on community feedback. While primarily featuring Dodge and GM models, they remain open to other projects, with a preference for Chevy and Mopar® vehicles based on customer demand. Emphasizing the importance of modern chassis for improved driveability and performance, RestoMods continues to innovate in the realm of classic car restoration, eagerly anticipated by muscle car enthusiasts.

Photo credit: Nick Hazleton | Hotcars.com

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