Mopar® Muscle Gold Mine!

Classic muscle cars are getting harder and harder to find, but when you’re a well-respected entrepreneur and YouTube personality in the industry, your chances go up. Dennis Collins has dedicated nearly four decades to acquiring, restoring and selling this type of vehicle, so it’s no wonder that he’d get a call about a stash like this one. Collins just secured seven classic Mopar® vehicles, an array of vintage Dodges and Plymouths, from a field in Alvarado, Texas. Each repair will come with its own set of challenges, but that just makes things more interesting. Watch the episode of Coffee Walk from his channel right here!

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I had to delete my comment because this website does not allow you to either make corrections, or add to your comment!! which sucks on both accounts. So here is my comment and I’ve expanded up on it.

“Which company are you referring to that is not owned by Americans??? I do agree with you when you say that, EV = electric vehicle’s, Will fail. I do agree with you on this. But, up to a point… I see them selling pretty good, in your large cities.

Like Los Angeles / Seattle / Houston / New York City / The Greater Tidewater Area.
Miami / Boston / San Francisco / Honolulu / Pittsburgh / Plattsburgh / Phoenix / Austin / Jacksonville / Fort Worth / Columbus / Indianapolis / Charlotte / El Paso / Detroit / Baltimore / Atlanta / Spokane / ETC Etc.

But outside of your largest cities, all the way down to your cities that consider them selves extremely modern or maybe I should say progressive??? they will do pretty good. But outside of that, they will fail.
And, they already had. If you don’t believe me, just Google, Ford Motor Company. FORD,

Is already cutting back on the production of, various EV Models.




It’s too bad this company is not owned by Americans. We loss the best engine ever invented. The Himi. This European company will bankrupt trying to force the American people to go to EV. ELECTRIC WILL FAIL