’68 Roadrunner with a Twist

Ken Matlock inherited his father’s 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner that has been with the family since its conception. It was used as a daily driver all the way until 2002 and in pretty rough shape when Matlock inherited it. He says it was a “labor of love and hate at the same time,” taking him about six years to turn it into what we see today. Which … is what, exactly? A ’68 Roadrunner with a second-generation Dodge Viper chassis and a third-generation HEMI® engine from Steve Morris Engines, of course. Matlock boasts that it reaches 1,115 HP on pump gas and shifts with a G-Force 6-speed transmission. “It’s built to beat on – I don’t baby it. If you gotta baby it, you didn’t build it right,” he adds. This wasn’t the original direction of the design, Matlock mentions it had a twin-turbo V10 in it for a while. He also experimented with gold, white and yellow exteriors before settling with the eye-catching green. Check out all the pretty details and find out more about what’s powering this family heirloom here.