1972 Plymouth Scamp Gets Revamped

When we’re thinking back on the Golden Era of muscle cars, the Plymouth Scamp is not one that often comes to mind. Steve Strope, owner of Pure Vision in the greater Los Angeles area, had a vision for what he calls, “one of the least desirable Mopars® from that era”. He included the Scamp in HOT ROD‘s June 2019 cover story “Sketchpad Supercars” as a vehicle that could be built in the real world on a small budget. Readers were immediately drawn to Eric Brockmeyer’s accompanying illustration – which included a Chrysler E-body Air Grabber hoodscoop, rear spoiler, steel wheels with police car caps and Road Runner-inspired stripes. Strope and close friend Bob Florine from Automotive Racing Products, Inc. decided they had to build it and found one of these “granny cars” for sale with 63,000 miles and in excellent condition. Read all about what it took to turn this 1972 Plymouth Scamp into an A-list supercar.