American Muscle Brings in the Big Bucks

Barrett-Jackson auctions are sure to catch the attention of enthusiasts and collectors alike. As Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale came to a close, it was clear that Mopar® vehicles captured the attention of bidders nationwide. Some of our all-time favorites crossed the auction block and flew past the six-digit mark. The 1970 Plymouth Superbird ended up on top, with two models selling for more than half a million dollars each. Other heavy-hitters included a 1968 Dodge Charger SRT® Hellcat “C68” and a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Custom Coupe – both fully custom. Check out the sale price of these Plymouth and Dodge Classics at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. Let us know in the comments which of these you’d most like to add to your collection.

Photo credit: (Diego Rosenberg)