Mopar® Match Round 5

Mopar® Match madness is on again – the 5th edition! We’ve got 20 photos of 10 Mopar rides, now you just need to match each of the 10 cars to their proper engines.

After attending Radwood and FCA Design’s final 2019 Cars and Coffee, there were plenty of killer combos to comb through. Here I’ve selected 10 of of my favorites. Look for a heavy dose of old school turbo cars!

Some of them might be obvious, maybe not . . . but you’ll need to pay attention to vehicles with similar setups.

Post up your answers in the comment section below. For example, if you type “8-F”, that means you’ve correctly guessed that vehicle #8 goes with engine F. If you get them all correct you might get a prize!

Look for all the right answers in my next edition of Mopar Match! And let us know if any of these rad rides belong to you.

Mopar Match Edition 4 answer key:
1-A, 2-B, 3-F, 4-H, 5-D, 6-I, 7-G, 8-E, 9-C