Mopar® Match Round 6 – Holiday Edition

Just like that, Santa has come and gone. After driving his Redeye sleigh across the continent dropping gifts down the chimney of all good little girls and boys, he is getting some much needed rest. This December edition of Mopar® Match there are ten cars that belong to ten engine bays, all in the red and green color scheme. I went through my photos from the last year and put together a color coordinated game with a Christmas look!

A few of the cars are pretty similar, but there’s always a little detail to tip you off if you look close enough. Do you think you can match the car with the engine?

Keep track of your answers in the comment section below! For example, if you type “8-C”, that means you’ve correctly guessed that engine #8 goes with vehicle C!

Look for all the right answers in my next edition of Mopar Match! And let us know if any of these rad rides are belong to you.

Mopar Match Edition 5 answer key:
1-G, 2-E, 3-A, 4-I, 5-B, 6-H, 7-C, 8-F, 9-D, 10-J