DodgeGarage Download: The “Hellrunner” Is a SEMA Stunner!

What happens when you take a ’73 Roadrunner, a ’16 SRT® Hellcat and a 1,000-horsepower Hellephant engine and mash them together? The team at JEMS Classics wondered the same thing and did just that for the SEMA show and had the whole place buzzing. Today, Chip and John from JEMS Classics take us behind the scenes of this epic build!



That has got to be one of the most awesomest (I custom built that word) builds I’ve ever seen, and the fit, finish, and color are just out of this world. That year Roadrunner is such an awesome platform to build on as well, great lines and a beautiful shape. Great job guys, you totally knocked it out of the park!!!


You read my mind, I,ve had lots of old Mopars, my 1st being a 73 Road Runner. When I have trouble going to sleep I’ll think about some of my old cars and imagine if I had them now and had unlimited funds what would I do. About a week ago I thought about my 73RR and imagined putting a 426 Helliphant engine in it with Hellcat interior and running gear. Then I see this. Litterally a dream come true…Great Job Guys.