This Underdog Gets a Comeback

Between 1964 and 1972, the automotive industry saw wild and eccentric designs. Bursting with vibrant colors and featuring bold engines, these vehicles were undeniable and ended the era by standing out in traffic. While these psychedelic rides were out there, they weren’t exactly the most common sight on the road.

Enter cars like the 1970 Dodge Coronet sedan – not known for turning heads and stopping traffic. Despite this, for Dylan McCool, this more than 50-year-old, B-body sedan with a Slant Six engine sparked a unique vision. He was consumed with the potential for a phantom four-door Super Bee, complete with attitude and a big-block engine. Watch here and witness the resurrection of this ’70 Dodge Coronet, overcoming challenges to get back on the road.

Photo credit: | Bryan McTaggart

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