dodge vehicles on display

Horsepower for Hope

4 min read

The annual Horsepower for Hope car show might have been a bit waterlogged, but that didn’t stop those who attended from having a good time for grea...

10/20/2019 6:00 AM  Events Josh Welton

dodge vehicles parked in a row outside

The Speed Ring

3 min read

I’m not going to lie, I had a pretty stout weekend in Detroit; Saturday was the first ever RADwood show in the Motor City, celebrating the cars and...

9/26/2019 10:38 AM  Events John Hammer

a crowd next to a jeep gladiator

Cars Under the Stars

2 min read

Coming from a guy that plays with fire for a living, it probably sounds kind of funny that I’m not huge into fireworks. Too often, I associate it w...

8/20/2019 7:52 AM  Events Josh Welton

Aroma of Burnt Rubber

Aroma of Burnt Rubber

4 min read

The aroma of burnt rubber wafting through the air, the constant screech of Hellcats howling in the distance, and the streets of Woodward packed wit...

8/19/2019 10:34 AM  Events Olivia Crosby

M1 Concourse C&C

M1 Concourse C&C

5 min read

M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan, held the largest Cars and Coffee ever in Michigan in May, and they didn’t slow down for June’s big show! I didn’...

7/12/2019 10:06 AM  Events Josh Welton

man taking a selfie with Dodge Garage promo challenger

Roadkill Rumble

8 min read

If you’ve read my previous story about my first experience at Roadkill Nights, you’d know I was pretty excited to attend. Well, when the invite cam...

8/21/2018 1:22 PM  Events Bud Kleppe