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a hemi roadrunner advertisement

Summer of ’69

In 1969, life was moving fast and the cars were moving faster, the Beatles were out and Zeppelin was in, the swingin’ sixties were transforming int...

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a spirit ‘76 edition Dodge Dart

Spirit of ’76

Whether you were a prep dancing in a discotheque, a burnout snacking on moon pies or a mom at work in her kitchen listening to Mac Davis, you must ...

18 days ago  Showcase Olivia Crosby

A young lady in an orange and white older vehicle at Steven Juliano's private collection.

Lost in the ’70s

Steve Juliano wasn’t a collector, he didn’t “own” his cars, and he laid claim to nothing. He was, as his daughter Nicole referred to him, “a keeper...

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Red Sox and Martin Plymouth

First Timer

I’ve always been under the impression that big-time collector car auctions were exclusive to the lavishly wealthy; the type of people whose idea of...

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