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dodge vehicles in a garage

A12 vs. 1320

Ever since coming into the Mopar fold, I’ve had a soft spot for that odd car that was released in 1969.  Well, to be accurate, 1969.5.  I...

1 month ago  Showcase Bud Kleppe

Bud Kleppe standing in front of Mopars in the Park sign

New Beginnings

The biggest all-Mopar® vehicle show in the Midwest, Mopars in the Park, just completed its 35th annual event at a brand-new location. Changing loca...

3 months ago  Events Video Bud Kleppe

Close up of screws drilled throughout tire making an ice drag radial

Drag Racing on Ice?

Here in the frozen tundra of Minnesota and Wisconsin, it doesn’t take long before you have to find something to do during the long winter months. M...

8 months ago  Racing Bud Kleppe

man taking a selfie with Dodge Garage promo challenger

Roadkill Rumble

If you’ve read my previous story about my first experience at Roadkill Nights, you’d know I was pretty excited to attend. Well, when the invite cam...

1 year  Events Bud Kleppe

Red Dodge Viper

Viper Obsession

The Dodge Viper is the car that made me a Mopar® man. Before I dive into this car, a little backstory on me and my fascination with the Viper. I wa...

1 year  Vehicles Bud Kleppe